this is where it happens sweden grand prix

We are having a Bodybuilding & Fitness party. We will be in Malmö at the Stadionmässan
the address is Stadiongatan 25. Competition start 09.00
TICKETS Price for admission 400 kr including The Elite Pro show.

we hope the best are in place  IFBB ELITE PRO 

Our You will see four professional classes at the Sweden Grand Prix,
Bodybuilding, Men's Physique, Body Fitness and Bikini Fitness. 
The total prize money is 13,000 US dollars

From Around europe There will be so many good ones

Many of Europe's best athletes have entered the stage at the Sweden Grand Prix For many, it is the last chance to take a place in the national team and get to represent their country at the European Championships. The contestants also have the opportunity to win a professional card, nine are awarded. Last but not least, you are among the top five and world ranking points fall in.

World Rankin Points